Driving Schools in Mitcham

Our driving school proudly serves the Mitcham area with automatic and manual driving lessons. The information below is intended to help you develop your driving skills further in the key driving competencies and Driving Lessons Mitcham has been provided by our DSA-licenced driving instructors . We hope you find it useful.

Areas to do controls/Moving off & Stopping

It is best to start this subject on a quiet road like Victoria Road.

Left/Right turns and emerging at T-Junctions

WDS recommend doing a circuit which starts on Edenvale Road emerges left on to Ashbourne Road and then takes the first left on to Stanley Road. On Stanley Road we can take the first left on to Milton Road and then emerge right on to Edenvale Road. At the end of Edenvale Road we can emerge right on to St.Barnabus Road and then the first right on to Stanley Road. On Stanley Road we can take the first right on to Milton Road and then turn back on to Edenvale Road. This allows the learner to practice steering, MSPSL and Peep and Creep techniques.


The crossroads of Edenvale Road and St.Barnabus Road can be used to illustrate priorities and the extra observation applied at crossroads.

Meeting Traffic

Meeting traffic is a situation where two vehicles are trying to pass through a space where only one car can pass. In these situations it is often vital to read the body language of the other vehicle. This is especially so where there are cars on both sides of the road and no priority exists. St.Barnabus Road and Gorringe Park Avenue are perfect to develop experience and understanding of this difficult topic.

Source: http://www.wimbledondrivingschool.co.uk/driving-schools-mitcham-cr4/


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